4 Key Reasons to Upgrade to a King Mattress

4 Key Reasons to Upgrade to a King Mattress

Sleeping in a king-sized mattress is a goal for many.

How do you pick the right sized mattress for your lifestyle? Should you and your partner buy a queen or opt for the king mattress? Sleeping in a king-sized mattress is a goal for many. You could spread out and have your own space or get comfy and snuggle with your partner. Plus, you could spend time with your furry friends and kids without everybody being on top of each other. If you’ve got enough space, treat yourself with a king mattress. Read on to learn why a king size mattress is the right move!

King Sized Mattress Gives Your Bed More Space

We will start with the most obvious reason a king-sized mattress is great: you have a big bed with plenty of space! This may sound a bit silly, but think about it: queen-sized mattresses are 60 inches wide. This gives each partner only about 30 inches of personal space. Though, a king-size mattress is about 76 inches wide, which gives each person about 38 inches of their own space. This is almost a twin mattress sized for each person. The more space, the better, so why not consider an upgrade?

You and Your Partner Get Your Own Space

We understand that your bedroom is much more than just where you sleep. It is where you read, watch TV, work, fold laundry, and catch up with your family too. That is why having a king bed is so wonderful – you and your partner can both have your very own space when you need it, and there is plenty of space to get things done. Plus, just because you’ve got all that extra space does not mean you can’t get close and cuddle around at bedtime.

You Will Get Much Better Sleep

Flailing, kicking, and rolling are all the worst. If you and your wife or husband are sharing a full-sized mattress or a queen mattress, this probably sounds a bit familiar to you. With less space in a tinier bed, you are more likely to bump into each other while asleep, which wakes you up. In a king-sized mattress, you will both get the sleep and rest that you need.

It is Ideal for Family Time

Not only does a king size bed give you and your partner your very own sleeping space for your head and pillow, but when it is time for a movie marathon or family bonding time, having a king-sized mattress means there is room for everybody else too. This is great for your entire family.


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