4 Sleeping Tips if You Have the Flu or Cold

4 Sleeping Tips if You Have the Flu or Cold

Sleep is an important part of kicking the cold and flu.

Ugh, cold and flu season is back – just in time to ruin the rest of your winter. Sleep is an important part of kicking the cold and flu, even though it might feel more stressful than restorative. Not to mention that when you are sick, symptoms tend to worsen as your bedtime approaches. The coughing and runny nose suck, so we put on the stethoscope to investigate some smart and simple ways to enhance your sleeping experience while battling your cold and its ugly friend, the fly. Here are four sleeping tips to help you sleep better with the cold or flu.

Rethink Your Usual Sleep Position

Most people have a habit of stacking on an extra pillow when they’re unable to sleep with a cold or the flu. This might cause your head to sag forward, worsening your breathing issues. One sleeping tip to consider – try using a foam wedge that lifts your upper body and helps the nasal packages drain out. If you don’t have a wedge, layer some pillows to form a triangular shape.

Maintain a Consistent Room Temperature

Don’t be tempted to overhear the room just because you have a cold. Another sleeping tip – keep the temperature at a comfortable level (around 69 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) and bundle up with blankets that can be shoved off if you start to overheat. The humidity in the room is essential too. Dry air can worsen your cold symptoms and parch up your throat and nose. Consider using a humidifier to keep the air moist or open up a window for cooler fresh air, just don’t let any snow inside.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Sure, it’ll make you sleepy. But alcohol will dry you up, swell your sinuses and react poorly with your cold or flu. Wait until you’re feeling better to enjoy an evening nightcap.

Stick With Your Nightly Routine

A cold can make it very hard to stick to your usual bedtime. But it is best to wake up and head to bed at the same time when you’re sick. This sleeping tip not only makes it easier to fall asleep, but it can also help in fighting off the next cold. Another study suggests that people who don’t get enough sleep are three times more likely to get sick than those who get eight or more hours of sleep every night.


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