Memory Foam Mattresses, How are They Made?

Memory Foam Mattresses, How are They Made?

Have you ever looked at someone’s memory foam mattress and wondered how it was created or which materials were used to make it?

Have you ever looked at someone’s memory foam mattress and wondered how it was created or which materials were used to make it? If you have, you aren’t the only one. This is a big question that plenty of people have pondered since these mattresses were created. This is especially true when you put your hand on a memory foam mattress and then watch it leave a flawless imprint of your hand once you remove it. It probably makes you wonder which materials are used to create such a product that can do this. You might be a bit surprised to learn about the materials. Here is everything you need to know about how memory foam mattresses are created!

A Ground-Breaking Design

A few years ago, when these mattresses were starting to get big, people were talking about how they were created for NASA and used by astronauts in space. Obviously, this is something that got the attention from people who had heard the commercials. However, that did not explain to them how the mattresses were created or what they were made out of. For years, this was a big secret. But, as time passed, the information has become more and more known concerning how these mattresses are produced. While it’s true that they do indeed utilize technology that was used by NASA, they are not as space-age as you’d think.

The Materials

In short, memory foam mattresses are created by combining polyurethane and a handful of other less-known chemicals to make this unique mattress that can transform its shape to fit your body. If you’re still curious as to how this happens, it is done through a set of small air chambers that are impossible to see with the naked eye. The mattress is then filled up, and that is what gives it it’s flexibility. Once you place your hands on it, or lay down to sleep, those air chambers shift so that the mattress can move around to support your weight and frame. And now that is why there’s always that imprint left once you wake up.


The good news about memory foam mattresses is that they are shockingly resilient. You’d think after multiple uses, it would no longer be capable of supporting the weight, but that is not an issue at all with these mattresses. If you do have any quality concerns, consider upgrading and purchasing a high-quality memory foam mattress from Mattress Peddlers, rather than an economical version.


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