Foods that Won’t Help You Sleep Better

Foods that Won’t Help You Sleep Better

There’s a lot of foods that can negatively affect your sleep schedule at night.

What if we didn’t need to rest? What if there was a cure for sleeping, and we were able to power through our days uninterrupted? Those who get enough sleep at night often are able to do so through many different means. One of those means includes their diet. There’s a lot of foods that can negatively affect your sleep schedule at night. If you’re looking to improve your sleep at night, then you have come to the correct spot. Read on to learn which foods to avoid to get a good night’s rest.


This shouldn’t be shocking at all. We crave it, guzzle it, and brew it all day. Drinking coffee makes us feel energized, better able to handle an overbearing coworker, or an unruly task at work. But, it can do us in at specific points of the day. Since it is loaded up with caffeine, try to avoid any late-night cups. Your body and brain will thank you.


If you’re a bacon lover, consider breaking out the frying pans earlier in the day. Foods containing tyramine (bacon, ham, cheese, pepperoni, avocado, soy sauce, nuts, red wine, raspberries) trigger the release of norepinephrine, a brain stimulant. This is one way to be tossing and turning in your mattress late at night, so it’s best to avoid it for the ideal sleep scenario.

Alcoholic Beverages

Do not let your nightly nightcap trick you into thinking that you’ll be lulled to sleep. While alcohol is a sedative, your body will metabolize it at a fast rate, which can leave you dehydrated and restless throughout the entire night. This is a recipe for a bad night of sleep, so consider drinking a glass of water or two before heading to bed after a night of drinking.


If smoking is your guilty pleasure that helps take the edge off, then you should reconsider that late-night drag. Nicotine is a stimulant that is engineered to keep your wired, focused, and on the edge of your seat. Avoid nicotine before you hit the sheets, you’ll notice the difference.


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