How to Tell it’s time for a Bed Frame Replacement

How to Tell it's time for a Bed Frame Replacement

A worsening bed frame can ultimately do just as much damage as a poor mattress can.

Think about the last time you replaced your bed frame? Can you even remember? If not, it might just be the time to do so. A worsening bed frame can ultimately do just as much damage as a poor mattress can. As a result, here is a helpful guide that’ll help you acknowledge the signs of a bad bed frame and be the impetus to guide you towards a new bed frame for your home. 

Hearing Creaks? 

If you are listening to creaks every time you move around on your bed, then it might be a tell-tale sign that you need a new bed frame. If it’s the frame that is creaking away, it might be that the screws are simply too loose and require some tightening — or, it could mean the frame is on its last legs and is in need of being replaced. A deteriorating frame serves no use and can actually be dangerous. Simply replacing your bed frame is a way to update your bedroom and provide you with a more enjoyable and comfortable place to sleep

Weird Slats

Are your slats constantly causing you issues? If so, it could be a definitive sign that your bed frame is the problem. If your slats are unable to sit on your bed frame properly, then it’s definitely time for a frame replacement. Otherwise, your mattress will end up sitting funny on your bed, thereby causing you to sleep improperly — which is definitely not healthy. 

Any Visible Deterioration

Another tell-tale sign of needing a frame replacement is seeing deterioration on your bed frame itself. General wear and tear of a frame can easily be a surefire sign that it’s time to get a new bed frame. 

A New Mattress

If you have recently bought a new mattress but it’s not sitting right in your current frame, it might be the perfect time to upgrade your frame as well. Revamping your entire bedroom can really do wonders for your sleep and thereby your overall health. 


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