What to Know Before Choosing a Bed Frame

Bed Frame

Your bed frame is an essential element in getting a good night of rest. Make sure you’re on the look out for the right one for you.

Your bed frame is a more essential element to your sleeping experience than you may realize. It’s often tempting to spring on a nice mattress but opt for a more affordable bed frame because it doesn’t seem all that important, but overlooking your bed frame can sometimes be a big mistake. The right bed frame doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank, but you ought to know what you’re looking for. Take a look at some of our tips for choosing the right bed frame for you.

Choosing a Size

If you’ve already picked what mattress or headboard you want to use, you already know what size bed frame you need. Thankfully, these are all standardized so it’s fairly easy to find what you need. Queen mattresses go with queen frames, king mattresses go with king frames, and so on. If you have yet to choose a mattress, you may want to head to a local mattress shop and try out the options. Mostly, this depends on how much space you have available in the room that you’re putting the bed in and whether or not the bed is going to be used for a single person or not.

Two Major Types

When it comes to bed frames, there are two major kinds that you’re going to be looking for. A typical frame requires a box spring as well as a mattress, whereas a platform bed needs no box spring whatsoever. With a platform bed, your mattress sits directly on the frame. This can cut down on the amount of money you need to spend, but this may mean you don’t get the same support you could be used to if you’ve typically used a bed with a box spring.

Special Considerations

Standard bed frames are pretty universal, but you may have some special considerations. This can include height if you’re wanting to be closer or further away from the ground, but there are many frames that have adjustable feet. You also want to be aware of what flooring you’re putting your bed on eventually, as you don’t want to purchase a frame that could damage your floors.

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