Purchasing Guide: The Best Mattress Accessories

Purchasing Guide: The Best Mattress Accessories

The right mattress accessories can give your setup a much-needed refresh.

So, you have bought the right mattress, and you might be wondering.. now what? What else is there to do to upgrade my sleep setup? Your bedroom is an open canvas, and the right mattress accessories can give your setup a much-needed refresh. The next time you are upgrading your sleeping space to include some bed accessories, use this handy guide to make the most of your money and your sleep setup. Read on to learn more!

Box Springs

The very first item on our must-get list of bed accessories is a box spring, otherwise known as a foundation. Setting up your new mattress with a box spring might be just what your sleep space needs to take it to the very next level. A box spring could help your mattress maintain shape, make it simple to get in and out of bed, and give you a bit of extra support.


When you are creating your ideal bedroom, never underestimate the importance of a good pillow. Where you rest your head can be critical to how you drift away each night. As a solid rule of thumb, you should try to replace your pillow every two years or so. Whether you like the plush feeling of a down pillow or the cooler temperatures of a gel pillow, there is a perfect pillow for every single person. Before you begin your pillow-shopping, consider how the best one could mean the difference between a good and bad night’s sleep.

Adjustable Beds

Are you interested in taking your bed to brand new heights? An adjustable bed, otherwise known as an adjustable base, might be right for your sleeping area. An adjustable bed is a foundation that will help you elevate your sleeping experience. With moving head and foot capabilities, you will have more control over how you sleep. Plus, you could reap the added benefits of sleeping in a reclined spot, like increased blood circulation. An adjustable bed is great for side and back sleepers and for those who suffer from back pain.

Bed Sheets

No sleep setup is complete without the best set of bed sheets. From microfiber to cotton, flannel to linen. Whether you like your sheets to feel smooth, soft, silky, warm, or all of the above, finding the best sheets for your sleeping style is key to getting the rest you deserve. Consider this one of the most important mattress accessories.


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