The Safest and Easiest Ways to Ship a Mattress

The Safest and Easiest Ways to Ship a Mattress

Devising the best way to ship a mattress is essential for guaranteeing that your mattress investment stays intact.

Whether purchasing a new mattress from Mattress Peddlers or moving your beloved mattress to a new home, transporting your bed can be challenging. Mattresses are big and bulky, which makes shipping difficult, but they are susceptible to stains, scratches, rips, and other damage during transportation. This means devising the best way to ship a mattress is essential for guaranteeing that your mattress investment stays intact

Start Fresh with a New Mattress

When you move, you must choose which items you take with you and which you want to replace. In some circumstances, it may be easier for you to decide to purchase a new mattress when you relocate. This means you can sell your old mattress instead of worrying about traveling with it. This may be the best choice if your mattress is already several years old or you are moving a long distance. Consider the time, energy, and money required to ship your mattress to decide if you are better off purchasing a new one. 

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Self Transportation: Trucks, Vans, U-Haul Rentals

If you own a van or truck, you may ship your mattress by yourself with your other belongings. Pack your mattress carefully with a bag or painter’s plastic to avoid damage and dirt. However, moving a mattress is a two-person job, at least. You may also need a dolly for heavier models. We don’t recommend strapping your mattress to the top of your car. It can damage to your vehicle or cause an accident if the mattress comes loose. 

Moving Companies

If you are already using a professional moving company to pack and transport your furniture, they can also ship your mattress. Once again, be sure to pack your mattress for protection so the mattress doesn’t collect dirt or rips from the interior of the moving truck. 

Freight Shipping Service

If you are moving long distance and have just a few large furniture pieces you need to ship, you may use a freight shipping service to pick up your packed mattress and other furniture and drive it to your new home. 

Mattress Shipping Protection 

How can you keep your mattress safe during shipment? Remember the following: 

  • Gather Supplies: You may need measuring tape, tape, scissors, a vacuum, a mattress bag, bubble wrap, rope, and moving straps.
  • Measure Your Mattress: Measure your mattress before packing to know how many packing materials you need.
  • Prep and Clean the Mattress: Make sure it is debris-free before packing. Strip all bed linens and hand vacuum the mattress. 
  • Wrap the Mattress: Use a mattress bag to encase the mattress thoroughly. Use tape to secure the plastic if necessary. 

Once your mattress arrives, carefully unwrap it and inspect it immediately for damage. 


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