The Top Reasons to Avoid Buying a Used Mattress

The Top Reasons to Avoid Buying a Used Mattress with Mattress Peddlers

A used mattress is usually worn-out and unsanitary, which makes them less than ideal.

Considering the fact that people spend one-third of their lives in their beds, it is no surprise that the quality of your mattress could affect your health and well-being. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the most comfortable and supportive mattress as possible for a replacement. The best type of mattress for someone can vary, but a bit of research can help pick out the perfect bed type. Since mattresses are a huge investment, you might be tempted to go for a used model because they are easier on your wallet and sometimes free. However, a hand-me-down mattress is usually worn-out and unsanitary, which makes them less than ideal. Read on to learn why you should avoid buying a used mattress.

Reduced Lifespan

Older and used mattresses will not last as long as new ones since they are already worn in. Just how long does a mattress last certain people? Most high-quality beds last anywhere from seven to ten years, so if you buy a five-year-old mattress, it might only last two to five years. You can’t always know how old a mattress is when you purchase it used either. While you might be spending less upfront for a used mattress, you are ultimately paying more since you will have to buy a second mattress much sooner.

Dust Mites Or Bed Bugs

An old or used mattress might have accumulated bed bugs and dust mites after many years of use. While you could find a newer used mattress, you still do not know where it has been and just how clean it might be. Dust mites and bed bugs are tricky to spot, so you may think your used bed is clean upon buying it, only to discover bed bugs much later on. If you’ve got allergies or asthma, bed bugs and dust mites could trigger a reaction, like a runny nose, coughing, irritated skin, or trouble breathing. Therefore, it is crucial to rest on a clean, new mattress with soft and clean pillows.

No Warranties

Most mattress companies or stores offer warranties protecting the beds from quality and workmanship defects, namely sags beyond a certain depth. Warranties are also important when making a serious purchase because they ensure that the product will last. Used mattresses might be so old that their warranty has expired or isn’t even known of at all.

No Returns or Refunds

New mattresses almost always come with some sleep trials and typically have generous and hassle-free returns. When purchasing secondhand, the sales are final. People selling their old mattresses are not salesmen or a large company, they’re just getting rid of something they don’t need, so they have no incentive to take back a refund if you don’t like it.


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