How to Eat Right for Improved Sleep

How to Eat Right for Improved Sleep

There are many different foods and different times of the night that affect your sleeping patterns.

You might have a few ideas about what certain foods to your sleep. Are they true, or is it all just a bunch of rumors? Studies have been completed to figure out which foods impact your sleeping patterns and also how your sleep impacts your digestion process. There are many different foods and different times of the night that affect your sleeping patterns. Read on to learn precisely how and what to eat to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed!

Eat Properly

Focus on eating foods that have vitamins and minerals that are linked to improved sleep on your mattress, especially if you eat late in the night or snack later. Serotonin is a great one, which could be found in skim milk, salmon, or kiwi. Many people already take melatonin for their sleep pattern, but it can be found naturally in foods like oats, cherries, and tomatoes. Tryptophan, which is based in turkey, is an amino acid that helps the body produce serotonin, which could help sleep. This could also be found in peanut butter, cottage cheese, walnuts. Magnesium will help you relax the muscles, so eat some bananas or almonds to unwind completely. Spinach is a super sleep food, too, as it has magnesium and vitamins crucial in synthesizing melatonin and serotonin.

Avoid these Foods for Sleep

Caffeine is a pretty obvious food to avoid if you wish to fall asleep. That means coffee, tea, and chocolate. Sad but true. A bar of dark chocolate has over half of the caffeine of a cup of coffee too. Most people have a nightcap or two before going to sleep to help them relax. Alcohol may seem like a good idea since it causes relaxation. But it is actually recommended to avoid alcohol before bed because it will prevent REM sleep, which means the sleep you are getting isn’t genuinely restful.

Any food that your body has issues working to process should be avoided before your head hits the pillow too. Fatty foods take a bit longer to digest, and sugar causes quick changes in blood sugar. Spicy foods or anything else that gives you gas or heartburn has to be avoided. While hydration is key, try not to drink too much water before you go to sleep, as it can make you need to use the restroom a lot.

Stay on a Food Schedule

The times you can eat or impact your sleep. While fasting is more popular, studies show that people who fast have got 40 minutes less sleep at night time. They also attribute this to the change in your body’s hormones all throughout the day. Watch when it is you eat, as it can play a role in your sleeping patterns.


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