What’s the Ideal Pillow for a Side Sleeper?

mattress peddlers pillow for a side sleeper

Consider these factors while you search for the best pillow for a side sleeper.

There is really no denying that sleeping well is key to a healthy and happy life. In fact, the perfect kind of sleep will usually require a proper pillow and mattress. The reality is, most people have a specific way they sleep — back, side, or stomach. Ultimately, side sleepers are the most common — so finding the ideal pillow for a slide sleeper can help encourage quality sleep more often. Here are some key characteristics of the perfect pillow for all the side sleepers out there.

Understanding The Anatomy Of A Side Sleeper

When compared to other types of sleepers, side sleepers will usually find that they have more knee, hip, and potentially shoulder pain. In fact, side sleepers put a lot of pressure on these parts of their bodies and that is why it becomes increasingly important to find the right pillow that can help to support these parts of the body. 

The reality is, side sleepers often find that having a pillow that helps alleviate the pressure placed on their shoulder, knee, and hip can be a really effective way to actually sleep well throughout the night. Ultimately, having a pillow that is too thick can be detrimental to getting quality sleep for side sleepers — so finding the goldilocks of pillows is usually the best way to approach the pillow search for any side sleepers. 

Incorporating Knee Pillows

For the most part, we usually think about pillows for the head, but for side sleepers, knee pillows can really be a game-change for the quality of sleep side sleepers get night after night. In fact, a lot of side sleepers really can benefit from a knee pillow. The reality is, to maintain neutral spine alignment, knee pillows can be extremely beneficial. Ultimately, a knee pillow that is between four to six inches thick can do wonders for a side sleepers’ quality of sleep overall.

Search for Support and Pressure Relief

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than being unable to get a good night’s rest. In fact, depending on the type of sleeper you are, you will want to find a pillow that supports your body’s needs when you sleep — to encourage more quality sleep throughout the night. The reality is, sometimes, finding what works best for you can truly change the way you sleep for the better. 

When searching for the ideal pillow for a side sleeper, search for pillows with just enough “give” to cradle your head and neck. Pillows with light contouring will follow the curve of your neck and head, providing just enough support and cushioning but keeping your head elevated so your spine stays in alignment. 


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