Why Adjustable Beds Can Alter Your Sleep Health

Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds may be just what you need to get your sleeping health back on track.

Prioritize your sleep health with the introduction of an adjustable bed! Common sources of discomfort are cast out with customizable bed positioning. These beds innovate your sleep routine and advance your overall sleep health.


Sleep positioning directly affects your digestive system. If you fall asleep with a full stomach, raising your head approximately six inches aids digestive health. This raised position also reduces potential weight gain and improves your sleep comfort. On the other hand, sleeping horizontally damages the digestive system.

Adjustable beds address these metabolic predicaments with customized positioning. This feature helps you achieve optimal sleep health.

Back Pain

Insufficient bedding can spark initial back pain and further existing aches. The resulting discomfort is all consuming, affecting daily productivity.

However, the full body support that adjustable beds provide can reverse back aches. The bed molds to fit your body and aligns to your spine. Customized support also prevents the development of sciatica, a nerve condition rooted in the base of the spine.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

You and your partner’s sleep health are both collectively impacted by disruptive snoring or sleep apnea. When you snore, your windpipe narrows due to neck weight and the air makes noise as it passed through the thin space.  Opening your windpipe through positioning could eliminate snoring.

Adjust your bed position to prop yourself up and prevent windpipe obstruction. Open airways aid your sleep health and can be easily achieved with adjustable beds.


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