3 Mattress Misconceptions, Fact or Fiction?

3 Mattress Misconceptions, Fact or Fiction?

Before you consider purchasing that brand new mattress, you must inform yourself of them to your best knowledge

Buying a new mattress is very similar to buying a brand new car. Comparing prices and features from brand to brand can be challenging because there are so many variables that you must consider. Innerspring, latex, organic or natural, pillow-top, or luxury-plush – the combinations are endless. Since buying a new bed isn’t a usual purchase, the learning curve will always be painful. Before you consider purchasing that brand new mattress, you must inform yourself of them to your best knowledge. Here are three mattress misconceptions that you must know about before making your next purchase.

Mattress Misconception: Replace It Every 8 Years

We recommend replacing your mattress every seven to ten years, all depending on comfort and support. The truth is that mattress longevity varies wildly, which all depends on how you take care of it. Think of your home mattress as performance gear for your rest. Just like a good pair of shoes can help you with your physical performance, a supportive mattress can deliver healthier and more enjoyable sleep. You’ll know when its time for a new mattress based on how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Mattress Misconception: Firm Mattresses Are Best For Your Back

Many assume that a firmer mattress is better for your back, but that isn’t necessarily true. Since everyone sleeps in different positions, each type of mattress plays a different kind of role for your body when you’re asleep. The three categories of mattresses and their functions go like:

  • Soft mattresses usually conform to your shape but fail to deliver consistent support across your entire body.
  • Medium-firm mattresses usually deliver equally on conformability and support across your whole body
  • Very firm mattresses offer reliable support but little conformability, which can lead to pain in your pressure points.

Each mattress plays a different role, depending on your sleep patterns and habits.

Mattress Misconception: You Can’t Remove The Law Tag On Your Mattress

Many are intimidated at the law tag that is attached to most new mattresses. The truth is that you can remove the tag, and do whatever you want with your mattress the minute it’s in your home. However, if you ever need to file a warranty claim, that tag needs to still be attached to your mattress because it contains essential information that will assist the manufacturer in processing your claim. Keep this in mind next time you consider removing that pesky tag.


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