6 Reasons to Consider Buying a Futon

8 Reasons to Consider Buying a Futon

If you’re a futon owner, you know how incredible they can be.

If you’re a homeowner and looking to add another piece of furniture for comfort and relaxation, then a futon is for you. If you’re a futon owner, you know how incredible they can be. If you do not already own one, what are you waiting for? Here are six reasons why futons rule, and why you should buy one instead of settling for a regular sofa or guest bed.


There are multiple models of futons available out on the market, and most of the are very affordable. Instead of having to buy a guest bed and a sofa, you can get both for the price of one! Futons are excellent because they allow us to save a few bucks.

Perfect for Those Sleeping Over

Futons make perfect beds for any of your guests sleeping overnight, and they’re even more comfortable and convenient than any inflatable mattress. If you’re someone living in a tiny room, you will also enjoy having both a bed and a sofa in this smaller room.

Futons Save Space

Those who live in a tiny apartment or home are always eager to buy furniture that helps them save space in some way. When nobody is sleeping on your futon, you can fold it to turn it into a couch. Futons typically take less space than regular sofas.

Easy to Assemble

Futon frames are effortless to assemble and disassemble, so you should be able to care for it on your own, with only a handful of tools. Repairing your futon, or replacing out some broken parts should also be very simple and affordable.

Futons Are Very Comfortable

Let’s be honest here: some futons are anything but comfortable. However, plenty of futons are now as comfortable as regular beds. It’s all up to you to shop around to make sure you will have a cozy, comfortable bed to offer to your overnight guests. If you have an old, rugged futon, maybe all you need is a new futon mattress.


A futon is a bed and a sofa all in one. Some futons have cup holders designed into them, allowing you and your friends to relax. Other futons have storage spaces and split back futons let one person sleep while the other is seated. The possibilities are endless with futons.


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