5 Reasons to Invest in a King Mattress

5 Reasons to Invest in a King Mattress

When it choosing the size of your mattress, you may be wondering which kind works for you.

Finding the right mattress to fit you and your partner’s lifestyle and sleep needs can be a tough decision. After all, you will be sleeping on it every night for years to come. When it choosing the size of your mattress, you may be wondering whether you should opt for a queen, king mattress, or even a California king. If you have the space for a king mattress, there are some important things to consider for getting your best night’s sleep. Here are five reasons to invest in a king mattress.

1. Plenty of Space for You and Your Partner

Since a king mattress is 76 inches wide, it’s nearly large enough for you and your partner to have a whole twin size bed to yourself. This is important for sleeping, but also everything else you use your bedroom for. After all, your mattress is where you binge your favorite TV shows, read, fold the laundry, and relax after a long day. A king mattress gives you and your partner plenty of space to use day after day.

2. Create a Bedroom Oasis

It’s hard to ignore how luxurious the size of a king size mattress not only feels, but looks too! With a large, comfortable bed, you can create the centerpiece of your dream master suite. Just imagine how great it will feel to come home from a long day and see an inviting king mattress at the center of your perfect bedroom oasis.

3. Room for Family Time

With all that room, it would be a shame to keep your king mattress all to yourself! A king sized bed has room for the whole family to enjoy a movie marathon in bed, recover from a cold, or build a legendary blanket fort on a snow day. And don’t forget your furriest family members! King mattresses are a great choice for people with pets who like to sleep in bed–no more awkwardly bending to fit a dog who likes to hog the mattress!

4. Great for Any Kind of Sleeper

Since king mattresses give you so much room, this gives you and your partner room to sleep however you’re most comfortable. Whether you toss and turn, or sleep on your back, or just like to stretch out, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your partner in a king sized bed.

5. Get A Better Night’s Rest

The number one reason to invest in a king mattress is that it will help you get a better night’s sleep. No bumping into your partner if you’re restless sleepers, no climbing over each other to start your morning routines, and nothing keeping you from stretching out to get the best, most restful night’s sleep.


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