How to Choose the Perfect Pillow For You


The right mattress isn’t the only thing that contributes to good sleep: you need a good pillow as well!

It’s always good to get a perfect night worth of sleep and there are a lot of elements that play into that. We spend around 8 hours a day sleeping, it’s a huge part of our personal health, and we need to get sleep to develop a strong immune system. Pillows are an essential part of getting a good night of sleep, and for some people, they’re just as important as getting a quality mattress. It’s all about finding what pillow is best for you and what you find comfortable.

Pick a Filling

It’s all up to an individual as to what filling works best for your pillows. There are three major options to choose from though. The traditional feather filling can help keep you nice and warm during cold nights, though you might find yourself annoyed at the feathers poking through. Memory foam will adjust to your head a lot easier and as a result is a great option for restless sleepers, however, they can also be somewhat expensive. For a similar effect, polyester filling is a good option though it isn’t as durable as any of the alternatives.

Choose a Size

Some people like having many pillows on their bed while others just need one. When buying new pillows, consider how many you’re going to have as well as what the size of your bed is. Typically, pillow sizes correlate to mattress sizes, in that there are standard, queen, and king sized pillows. You can always think outside of the box though and choose a larger pillow for a smaller bed if that’s what is best for you.

What About Sleep Positions?

There are a lot of pillows out there designed to cater to specific needs and sleeping positions. If you tend to sleep on your back or stomach, you may want a flatter pillow that will keep your neck aligned and won’t leave you feeling in pain when you wake up. In contrast, side sleepers may want a loftier pillow that can fill up some gaps.

Sleep Well With Mattress Peddlers

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