How You Should Compare Mattresses When Shopping


If you go mattress shopping, you may end up comparing mattresses across stores. Try these methods of making sure you’re looking for the right things.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, you’re likely going to end up trying to compare mattresses between stores. Sometimes, even, you may even want to look at the same mattress model between stores, but it isn’t always clear if it’s the same model. While no one is trying to deceive or trick you, it’s important that as a consumer, you know the right way to talk about mattresses and get what you need. Before going out shopping for new mattresses, try these tips for comparing between stores.

Be Upfront

It’s not uncommon to just tell a salesperson what you saw, why you liked it, and where you saw it. They may have comparison sheets that can help you find out exactly what you’re looking for or they can do some heavy lifting to call a manufacturer and find out what is comparable. Some people worry about doing this because they think a salesperson might try to upsell them or trick them into getting something else, but the reality is, it’s much easier for a salesperson to find out what you want and make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Talk to a Manufacturer Yourself

If you’re unsure, try calling the manufacturer yourself! If you’re unable to find a specific bed elsewhere in an attempt to get a better price for it, you may be able to have the manufacturer look up the model and tell you if there are any other stores that carry it. Sometimes you just may not be able to find anyone else who has the mattresses you’re interested in, but other times, you get lucky and find a good lead through doing this.

Ask for Specifications

Usually, retailers have sheets that list off each interior layer for mattresses. You can take note of all those inner layers and compare between beds to see if they’re the same model or not. This is also just a good idea so you have a better understanding of what’s in your bed.

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