4 Things You Can Try to Improve Your Sleep Quality


Try out these tricks for getting a better night of sleep.

Do you tend to struggle to get a good night worth of rest? Sleep deprivation is actually a public health epidemic and you’re not alone. Many people suffer from different kinds of conditions that make sleep difficult or near impossible, and some people struggle to get a good night of rest just about nightly. The good news is, there are always some tips you can try out in an effort to improve your sleep quality. Try out these four methods of getting better sleep at night.

Changing Your Eating Habits

A lot of people these days, due to the abundance of food, tend to eat whenever we get hungry. Instead, try eating within a twelve-hour timeframe and avoid any midnight snacking. This means keeping your caloric intake between say, 8 AM and 8 PM and not straying too far out of that window, as eating outside of the timeframe can reduce your quality of sleep.

Don’t Exercise Right Before Bed

Save the intense workout regimen for during the day. Something like stretches or even doing a bit of yoga is great before bed, but if you plan to work out right before you sleep, you may want to reconsider. This can lead to your body temperature rising steadily which has an impact on your internal circadian clock. If it gets bad enough, it could lead to another restless night.

Take Advantage of the Sun

Getting healthy sleep requires you to really get in touch with your circadian rhythm. Your body actually has a built-in timer and if you have the right behaviors, that can help keep it functioning properly. An easy way to do this is to make sure you’re not laying in a dark room when you get up. Open your blinds, let the sun in, and let yourself soak up some of that light. If possible, try even taking a short walk in the morning to really let it sink in.

Shorter Naps

Napping can be fantastic but there are also times when it backfires and leaves you feeling groggy and exhausted. If you want to properly nap, the recommended time is between only 20 and 30 minutes. Sleeping any more than that can leave your nighttime sleep schedule ruined.

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