Sleeping Tips for the Summer

Sleeping Tips for the Summer

With all the chaos that summer can bring, it’s no surprise that it can also throw our sleep schedules off.

With all the chaos that summer can bring, it’s no surprise that it can also throw our sleep schedules off. You’re likely rushing around to get to all of your vacations, outdoor activities, and other activities that are fun but exhausting. Something like travel can truly offset your sleep schedule and cause issues. Add the fact that summer brings about more light, making it difficult for you to get to sleep, and you have a recipe for missing out on precious hours of sleep. There are, of course, ways around this. Let’s take a look at some sleeping tips you can utilize this summer.

Be Mindful of Light

Summer suns set later which can impact your body’s internal clock. It can be difficult for our bodies to adjust but as with many sleeping tips, there are small tricks you can take advantage of to help offset the problem. Try sitting by a bright window or stepping outside first thing in the morning. This can help tell your body that sleep time is over and wake you up. Start exerting more control over your exposure to sunlight and you might be able to reprogram your brain into sleeping how you want to.

Control Your Temps

Our list of sleeping tips would be incomplete without the mention of temperature. Most people prefer cooler temperatures when we sleep, around 60 to 70 Fahrenheit. You’ve likely heard the advice to also keep your thermostat set warmer during the summer nights to avoid energy waste. Ideally, set your temperatures low when you’re sleeping, then program them to be slightly higher once you know you’ll already be out for the night.

Noise Isolation

Exposure to loud noises can make falling asleep a challenge. You may be able to make small changes to your space like using thicker materials for your drapes. Otherwise, you may need to turn on a white noise machine or a loud fan to help keep outside noises from bothering you.

Schedule Exercise

Too much exercise immediately before bed can raise your body’s core temperature and prevent you from being able to get to sleep. Exercise a few hours before bed instead and you’ll find that it gives you enough time to cool off and get tired.

Ditch Your Devices

As we all know, our devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets can all have an impact on our sleep due to the light they give off. Try putting all the devices away at least an hour before bed and see if it helps have an impact on how you sleep.


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