Why You Should Consider Attachable Headboards for Your Mattress

Why You Should Consider Attachable Headboards for Your Mattress

Similar to bed linens, mattresses, and bed frames, attachable headboards are made in a variety of styles.

There are various ways to customize your sleep experience, from picking a mattress that supports your sleeping position to finding bed linens that match with your ideal bedroom aesthetic. One trend that has taken bedrooms by storm lately is attachable headboards. Similar to bed linens, mattresses, and bed frames, attachable headboards are made in a variety of styles, like upholstered and plush and bold and oversized. Is an attachable headboard worth the investment? Read on to learn more!

What Are Headboards Really Worth?

While discussing the worth of adjustable headboards, it is tempting to jump to their cost, which could range anywhere from 150 to 10,000 dollars depending on the brand, model, and style. However, worth is a question of value, which does not always correlate to price. So, what value does attachable headboards add to the other elements of a bed? When you break it down, you could divide the value of attachable headboards into two very distinct value types. These include:

  • Aesthetic Value: some attachable headboards have the potential to elevate the aesthetic appeal of just about any bedroom. Whether you have a metal platform bed, a wood panel frame, or an upholstered platform bed, you can transform the whole bed into a stunning work of art just by adding a new headboard that matches or complements your frame style.
  • Functional Value: aesthetics matter, but they are hardly the only consideration when it comes to determining whether attachable headboards are a good investment. After all, a bed is a good piece of furniture meant to serve one real purpose above the rest, helping you get the rest you deserve. Luckily, attachable headboards are just as functional as they are aesthetically appealing.

The best attachable headboards represent an ideal marriage of aesthetically great design, functional materials, and affordability.

Functional Value of Attachable Headboards

When it comes to value and also functionality, the worth of attachable headboards is indisputable. This brings us to the reasons why attachable headboards are worthy investments.

– Attachable headboards establish a barrier between the bed frame and your wall, preventing your head from ever coming into contact with the wall while you are asleep. This is helpful if you are someone who moves a lot while you sleep.

– An attachable headboard can act as an extra layer of insulation that helps keep your bed warm.

– Attachable headboards can help close the gap at the head to keep your pillows underneath you.


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