3 Ways You Can Avoid Blue Light Syndrome Before Sleeping


Televisions, smartphones, and computers may be putting off blue light that is causing you to have trouble sleeping at night.

Just about everyone is aware that artificial lights from smartphones or computers can impact how you sleep. Too much screen time is never a good thing but studies show it can actually be quite disruptive when it comes to your sleep cycle. The artificial lights our devices have can end up impacting our circadian rhythms and really alter when we wake up, sleep, and even eat. Let’s take a look at three ways you can help mitigate the issues associated with blue light syndrome and how you can get back to sleeping soundly.

1. Keep Electronics Away

If you’re really suffering with this issue, the first step is to remove electronics from your bedroom. The biggest offenders are TVs, as we can end up relying on them to get to sleep—which may cause issues sleeping reliably in the future. It’s also a good to unplug computers or laptops a few hours before bed. Lastly, when you lay down for the night, try to keep your smartphone away from you. Even if you use it as an alarm clock, it’s best to keep it on the other side of the room so you can have an easier time sleeping at night.

2. Mitigate the Effects

Sometimes, it’s hard to get away from all those screens—maybe the nature of your work means you need to check your email periodically before you sleep or maybe you have to stay up late working on an assignment for a college course you’re taking. If this is the case, it’s best to find ways to mitigate some of the negative effects. Try looking into dimming software that can help remove some of the blue light in screens and make it a bit more natural on the eyes. Some people even try to use sunglasses to block out the excessive blue light!

3. Go Dark

Lastly, considering making your room as dark as you can. If you have windows, try installing some blackout curtains or even just wearing a sleep mask at night to alleviate the situation. Even tiny amounts of light can ultimately lead to you getting less sleep. Turn the screens off and you’ll find yourself getting a much better night!

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