What Kinds of Chemicals Are in Mattresses?


What kinds of things really make up mattresses anyhow? Become a more informed consumer and find out!

When you get into your bed each night, you’re probably thinking about all the rest that you’re about to get on your comfortable mattress. One factor that could keep you up at night is the number of chemicals that could be taking up residence in your bed. Just like other areas of your home, your mattress could be home to many different types of chemicals. Read on to learn more about the types of chemicals that might be present in your mattresses, if they’re safe for your family, and what you can do about it.

Types of Chemicals

There are two types of chemicals that you’ll find in your mattress and begging – constituent and additive. You find constituent chemicals in the overall construction of your mattress and bedding, including the cushion, insulation, lining, support features, and even the covers. Additive chemicals, as the name suggests, are added after production. They are usually used for adding fragrance, color, bacterial protection, and even flame resistance.

Long-Term Effects

Most consumers have concerns about the long-term effects of these chemicals, not only for their personal health but for the health of the environment as well. Many of these compounds use fossil fuels and other forms of volatile organic compounds. For many of these chemicals, the long-term effects are unknown, which raises concerns for many people. Memory foam mattresses, which use polyurethane, are home to constituent chemicals that are used in the foam.

What You Can Do

The best type of consumer is an informed consumer. With that said, do all that you can to gather as much research as possible about the type of mattress you want to purchase. Keep in mind if you or anyone in your family has a known sensitivity to any type of chemical or other material. There are mattress options that are constructed specifically for people with sensitive skin and that feature no additives. In addition to your independent research, ask the professionals for recommendations if you have chemical concerns.


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