How to Combat Blue Light Syndrome (And Get Better Sleep By Doing So!)


Blue light syndrome, brought about by our devices with screens, can have a harmful impact on your sleeping health.

Ever heard of blue light syndrome? It’s a side-effect of the many screened devices that consume our time these days. Whether it’s your laptop, cellphone, or tablet, all of them emit blue light that can impact our quality of sleep. That light can end up impacting your circadian rhythm, which helps influence how your body determines when it’s time to sleep, eat, and more. Keeping these issues at bay is essential in getting all of your rest. If you feel like your devices have been chewing into your quality sleep time, read on for tips on battling blue light syndrome. 

Keep Electronics Out of Your Room

This may feel downright impossible but conventional wisdom says the best way to avoid the problem is by removing devices entirely. If you have a TV in your room, that should be the first thing to go: either remove it entirely or at least unplug it a few hours before you go to bed. Get in the habit of putting your phone down earlier every night, too, and if you have a blue light filter available on your phone, that can take some of the nightly strain off too. Getting rid of your electronics from your sleeping space isn’t easy but it’s ultimately rewarding in that it helps you get to sleep easier. 

Using Sunglasses

Okay, this one’s a bit strange we’ll admit—but it works. Orange sunglasses that are made to filter out blue light can give your eyes a break if you’re the kind of person who absolutely needs to use your devices before bed. The glasses work to prevent blue lights from stopping melatonin production, helping you get back to sleep sooner. We understand if wearing sunglasses indoors at night seems all-too-strange, though, which is why we also suggest looking into lamps with similar effects such as Himalayan salt lamps. 

Completely Dark Rooms

Getting your room as dark as possible may be the solution, particularly if you’re sensitive to light. If you’re dealing with outside light flowing in, you can try installing blackout curtains. Alternatively, using a sleep mask can remove all light issues and is comfortable for many people. Even a tiny amount of light through your windows or doors can ultimately end up impacting your quality of sleep. This means that screens in other rooms, like a TV in an adjacent room that’s left on at night, can end up having a negative influence on your rest: so do what you can to keep your room completely dark!

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