The Best Sleep Tips to Consider During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The Best Sleep Tips to Consider During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Getting better sleep in the middle of a pandemic might not be simple, but it is essential.

Getting better sleep in the middle of a pandemic might not be simple, but it is essential. This is especially true when you consider your long-term health. Do you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep during these shelter-in-place orders? During stressful times, our sleeping health can change dramatically without warning. Some of us might find ourselves going to sleep later or waking up earlier, while others’ minds do not turn off in the middle of the night. Sleeping is very fundamental to our health, as it repairs cells, fortifies our immune system, and helps out our blood vessels and brain as well. If you’re feeling stressed during these uncertain times, these sleep tips might help.

Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

For people who work from home during the pandemic, it can be very tempting to push back your bedtime and wake up times later and later. But keeping a consistent sleep routine conditions our bodies into a rhythm, which makes it easier to fall asleep. If you’re tossing and turning for hours and struggling to fall asleep, some before bed coping exercises may help relax you.

Focus on Comfort Within Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom optimized properly for sleep? Your mattress, pillows, sheets, and bedding are essential, but you might need some blackout curtains to shut out the morning light. Another smart sleep investment is some earplugs if your self-isolation includes your kid’s gaming into the early hours of the night. Your bedroom temperature is important too. Make sure it is set to a moderate, comfortable temperature. Not too cold or too hot.

Restrict your Use of Alcohol and/or Coffee

While coffee gives us that morning spark we need to begin our day; drinking it after 2 o’clock can mess with your sleep. And on the same token, alcohol helps us wind down in the evening. It can also dehydrate us. This leads to disruption in our sleep and wake patterns throughout the night. With the recent pandemic, many are drinking alcohol to cope with stress. Just do not consume too much alcohol or caffeine and watch when you decide to pour a drink to protect your sleep health.

Getting into a consistent sleep routine and making wise daily lifestyle choices all have a significant impact on our health. Keep all of these sleep tips in mind for the remainder of this pandemic.


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